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2023-24 Cup Competitions


The Finals were played at Lancaster Railway Club on Monday, 20th May 2024. Many thanks to Steven Procter and staff for setting up the venue and looking after us on the night.

The evening started with the Tony Clare Final between The Old Hall Heysham (D3) and Golden Lion A (D2) which The Old Hall won 61-54. Bob Fleetwood top scored with 24. Many thanks to Dog & Partridge for setting the quiz and to Betty Maudsley, Barry Maguire and Steve Thornton for officiating the match.

This was followed by the Dennis Wigham Final between George & Dragon (D1) and Boot & Shoe B (D1) which Boot & Shoe B won 64-44. David Hesp and Jim Pyper top scored with 21 each. Many thanks to Paul Legon for setting the quiz and Paul Legon & Tony Pritchard for officiating the match.

The evening ended with the Presentation of League trophies and prizes:-
Cup winners and runners-up were as above
Division 3: Winners: Fox & Goose A - Runners-up: Gregson B
Division 2: Winners: Skerton Liberal Club - Runners-up: Golden Lion B
Division 1: Winners: Boot & Shoe B - Runners-up: Gregson A


Dennis Wigham

A Blue Anchor B/S C v George & Dragon
QM: J. Pollard - Venue: Boot & Shoe
B Golden Lion B v Boot & Shoe B
QM: M. Bannon - Venue: The Gregson

Tony Clare

A Old Hall Heysham v Tite & Locke B
QM: J. Crossfield - Venue: Golden Lion
B Three Mariners C v Golden Lion A
QM: I. Nicholson - Venue: Tite & Locke


Dennis Wigham
A Lancaster C & SC B v Golden Lion B
B Boot & Shoe C v George & Dragon
C Blue Anchor B/S C v Skerton Liberal Club
D Hest Bank B v Boot & Shoe B

Tony Clare
A Old Hall Heysham v Station Hotel A
B Tite & Locke A v Tite & Locke B
C Gregson B v Golden Lion A
D Three Mariners C v Hest Bank C


Only eligible players may take part in the later stages of the Cup Competitions. See League Rules Section C: Competition Rules - Para 10. The Administrator will email all relevant captains with information re. player eligiblity before the Quarter Finals. Playing an ineligible player will disqualify the team from proceeding in the Competition.


Quarter Final venues are provided by the home team as shown above. Normal rules apply, in that Questions are collected from League HQ and the QM is provided by the home team. It has been necessary to alter the venue of the originally drawn Hest Bank C v Three Mariners C fixture due to a clash at the Hest Bank Hotel. This will be played at Three Mariners. Additionally, the Old Hall Heysham v Station Hotel A fixture will now be played at Heysham Cricket Club. The Old Hall is closed.

Semi Finals will be played at neutral venues (TBC) on 13th May 2024. Additionally, QM's (TBC) are also neutral and will be selected by the Committee. Questions will be brought to the venue and results returned to League HQ by the QM.

Finals will be played at Lancaster Railway Club on 20th May 2024. Proceedings will start promptly at 8.00pm, with the Tony Clare Final. In the Finals only 45 seconds are allowed in which to answer a question, there is no change to the 10 seconds allowed for a pass.