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2023-24 Cup Competitions

The Pool Weeks will be played over 5 weeks starting on Monday, 8th January 2024 and ending on Monday, 5th February 2024.

15 Teams each will contest the Dennis Wigham and Tony Clare competitions.

All Division 1 and the top 5 teams in Division 2 will contest the Dennis Wigham: all Division 3 and the remaining 5 teams in Division 2, the Tony Clare. The Division 2 table split will be determined following the update after Week 11 results have been considered.

There will be 3 x 5-team pools per competition. Teams will be allotted their Pools using 2 lists (one for each Competition) of computer generated random numbers. These lists have already been selected by the Committee from a group of 10 such lists (5 for each Competition).

The top 2 teams in each pool and the 2 x 3rd placed teams with the best records within their competition will progress to the Quarter Finals. The draws for the Quarter Finals and beyond have been made by the grand daughters of the Administrator.

All Question Setters can be seen by clicking HERE.

Fixture Lists

For Dennis Wigham click HERE
For Tony Clare click HERE

Pool Week Setters

Week 1 - Heysham CC
Week 2 - Hest Bank C
Week 3 - Station Hotel A
Week 4 - Blue Anchor B/S C
Week 5 - Lancaster C & SC B

Quarter Finals - 29 April 2024; Semi-Finals – 13 May 2024; Finals – 20 May 2024.