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2022-23 League Season: - Structure

This Season's fixtures will begin on Monday, 26th September 2022 and finish with Finals' Night on Monday, 8th May 2023.

28 teams will compete, they will be divided into 3 Divisions. Divisions 1 and 3 will comprise 9 teams each; Division 2 will have 10 teams.

This means that teams from Divisions 1 and 3 will be responsible for setting quizzes for the 18-week season. Teams from Division 2 will set quizzes for the Cup Competitions.

For the Cup Competitions, the 28 teams will be divided into 2 groups of 14. The Dennis Wigham will be contested by Division 1 and the top 5 teams in Division 2; The Tony Clare by Division 3 and the bottom 5 teams in Division 2. The apportionment of Division 2 will be made based on teams' positions following Week 9 results.

There will be 2 x 7-team Pools in each Cup Competition and Pool Week games will be played over 7 weeks rather than 5 weeks. Team selection for Pools and later fixtures will be determined by open draw.

The annual Pair's Competition will be played on Monday, 19th December 2022.


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Early Setters

Week 1 - Blue Anchor B/S C
Week 2 - Hest Bank C
Week 3 - Gregson A
Week 4 - Jailor's Barrel B
Week 5 - Silverdale Hotel