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2019-20 Season: - Archived 23 February 2020

The Committee have released the fixtures and formats for next season. No new teams have registered by the 1st August deadline, as considered at the 2019 AGM.

Make up of Divisions and Divisional Fixtures:

There will be 3 divisions as last season.

Divisions 1 and 2 will comprise 11 teams. Divisions 3 will have 12 teams - Total 34.

The divisional league fixtures will be played over 22 weeks. Divisions 1 and 2 teams will have 2 bye weeks each, Division 3 teams will have no bye weeks. Division 3 teams, therefore, will be unable to set divisional quizzes due to not having bye weeks.

The divisional fixtures will commence on 16th September 2019 and finish on 20th April 2020. There will be breaks for the Pairs Table Quiz and the early stages of the Cup Competitions.

Pairs Table Quiz:

The competition will be held on Monday, 16th December 2019. The venue has still to be arranged. An amended start time of 8pm has been determined.

Pairs may comprise members of the same LCQL team or of different teams. In the latter case, if the LCQL teams are in different divisions the pair will play for the prize in the higher division. Where an individual arrives with no partner, he/she may (if possible) form a pair with another player in the same position. Equally, if desired, a LCQL player may partner a person who does not play in the League.

There will be two medals/trophies for the highest scoring pair in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Additionally, the Alan Peel Trophy will be awarded to the highest scoring of the 3 divisional winners.

The quiz shall be set by last season's winners of the Alan Peel Trophy. It shall consist of 75 questions in 3 sessions.

Cup Competitions:

The Pool Weeks will be played over 5 weeks at the beginning of the New Year. Pool Week 1 will be played on Monday, 13th January 2020 through to Pool Week 5 on Monday, 10th February 2020.

Teams will be split on an 18/16 basis dependent on League positions after the completion of Week 11 fixtures. There will be 3 x 6-team pools in the Dennis Wigham and 1 x 6-team pool and 2 x 5-team pools in the Tony Clare. Pools will be drawn at the December 2019 Committee Meeting.

The make-up of the Tony Clare will allow Division 3 teams to be involved in the setting of all 5 quizzes for the Pool Weeks. None of the teams in the Dennis Wigham will be able to set as there are no bye weeks. The Committee have decided that the following Division 3 teams will set - Boot & Shoe A; Dog & Partridge; Heysham Cricket Club; Lancaster S & SC A and Royal Hotel B/S.

To comply with the amendment of Section C - Competition Rules: Para 6 (d), the Committee have already made the draws for the later stages of the cups.

Dennis Wigham

Quarter Finals

A: Best 3rd placed v Winner Pool 3
B: Runners-up Pool 3 v Winner Pool 1
C: Runners-up Pool 2 v Runners-up Pool 1
D: Winner Pool 2 v 2nd 3rd placed


E: Winner Match B v Winner Match D
F: Winner Match C v Winner Match A


Winner Match E v Winner Match F

Tony Clare

Quarter Finals

A: Runners-up Pool 2 v Runners-up Pool 1
B: Winner Pool 3 v Best 3rd placed
C: Winner Pool 1 v Runners-up Pool 3
D: Winner Pool 2 v 2nd 3rd placed


E: Winner Match C v Winner Match D
F: Winner Match B v Winner Match A


Winner Match E v Winner Match F

Quarter Finals - 27th April 2020
Semi-Finals - 4th May 2020
Finals - 11th May 2020

Pairs Table Quiz: - Archived 16 January 2020
The competition was held on Monday, 16th December 2019 at the Railway Club, Lancaster.

Division 1 winners were Richard Hitchings (Gregson A) and Mal Kitchin (Lancaster C & SC B), who with the highest overall score also took the Alan Peel Trophy. Diane Howe and John Heywood, representing Three Mariners B won the Division 2 trophies. Division 3 was not represented.

The quiz was set by Jim Pyper and David Hesp, last season's winners of the Alan Peel Trophy.

Division 3 - Heysham Cricket Club: - Archived 7 November 2019
Due to circumstances beyond its control, the team have had no alternative but to withdraw from the League. This means that Division 3 teams will now have bye weeks. Fixtures have been amended accordingly.

Division 2 - Venue Change:
Please note that the Black Bull Brookhouse team have moved down the road to the Station Hotel, Caton.