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Pairs Table Quiz - Archived 17 February 2022

The competition was held on Monday, 20th December 2021 at Lancaster Railway Club.

The event, which was Covid affected, saw six teams competing against one another. The Alan Peel trophy, awarded to the highest scoring pair, was won by Eric Wildsmith (Lancaster C & SC B) and Jack Bennett (Station Hotel B). Barry Lees and Mark Drinkall from Halton Social Club won the Division 2 prize.

Pairs Quiz and Answers are available HERE.

2021-22 Season - Updates. - Archived 24 October 2021

22 Sep 2021: Division 3 - Lancaster Railway Club have withdrawn from the League.

21 Sep 2021: Division 3 - Lord Nelson have moved to The Boardwalk on Morecambe Promenade.

14 Sep 2021: Division 1 - Gregson A have moved to the Brown Cow and will play as Brown Cow B.
The original Brown Cow team has merged with Gregson B in Division 2.

Division 2 - Boot & Shoe A have left the League.
Gregson B have merged with the original Brown Cow team and will play as Brown Cow A in Division 2.

Regrettably, the departure and merger have resulted in the loss of 2 teams, which means that both Division 1 and 2 now comprise 9 teams each. Consequently teams in both divisions will face 6 bye weeks in the coming season.

Update: Division 3 - Both Ring O' Bells teams have moved to the Jailor's Barrel (formerly Robert Gillow), Lancaster.

All fixture lists and the Question Setting roster have been updated to relfect these changes.

2021 - 2022 Season: - Archived 24 October 2021

Thirty teams have registered for the forthcoming season. This is a reduction of 3 teams since the League was last contested – Boot & Shoe B, Golden Ball (Snatchems) and George & Dragon B are not continuing.

Given the number of teams, a 20-week season would appear appropriate, and all teams would play every week. However, as we do not have an independent quiz source, this cannot work for us.

League Games: - The numbers will allow 3 divisions of 10 teams each. Games will be played over 22 weeks, which will enable sufficient teams to be available every week for question setting. Regrettably, this will also mean that each team will have 4 bye weeks in the season.

Promotions and relegations: (This follows the normal 2up & 2down pattern as closely as possible)

Division 1: Blue Anchor B/S D relegated to Division 2 (Golden Ball has left the League)

Division 2: Three Mariners B & Golden Lion B promoted to Division 1 and Lord Nelson & Station Hotel relegated to Division 3

Division 3: Boot & Shoe A and Wagon & Horses* promoted to Division 2

* Due to the abrupt end of the 2019-20 season, the Committee decided, because of the number of games each team had played, points scored and Total Points, to award joint runners-up prizes to Wagon & Horses and Dog & Partridge. However, both teams could not be promoted, the promoted team was determined by means of a coin toss.

Team venue changes are as follows: -

Division 1: Eagle's Head to Boot & Shoe C; Merchants B to Station Hotel B Caton.
Division 2: Blue Anchor B/S D to Slyne Lodge; Wagon & Horses to Three Mariners D.
Divison 3: Royal Hotel B/S to Cross Keys Slyne; Ring O' Bells A to Jailor's Barrel A; Ring O' Bells B to Jailor's Barrel B

Question Setters: - The question setting roster can be viewed by clicking here. It can also be accessed on the Question Setters page on the web site.

The start date of 27th September 2021 has been set by the Committee.

Cup Competitions: - The Committee have adopted the following format, which is now required to be published at the start of the season to comply with League Rules: Section C - Competition Rules; 6(d).

The thirty teams will be split into 15 teams for each competition based on their League positions after 11 Weeks of the season. Dennis Wigham – Division 1 + the top 5 teams in Division 2; Tony Clare – Division 3 + the lower 5 teams in Division 2.

Each competition shall comprise 3 x 5-team pools. The top 2 teams from each pool + the 2 third placed teams with the best records will proceed into the later stages of their respective competitions. This will ensure that sufficient question setters will be available for each Pool week.

Matches for the Quarter-finals onward will be determined by an open draw. This means that any combination of qualifiers may be drawn to play one another (Pool winner v Pool winner, best 3rd place v best 3rd place, etc)

Pairs Competition: - The pairs competition will take place on 20th December 2021.

2021-22 Season: - Archived 22 August 2021

This is the text of a message sent to all Team Captains and their Contacts, where appropriate. It is also relevant to all League members.

If team captains have not received this message, could they please check in their Junk/Spam folders.

Please be aware that the dates shown below in the email text are no longer relevant, following the Prime Minister's recent announcement delaying the relaxation of Covid restrictions until 19th July 2021.

LCQL: Provisional 2021-22 Season


The Committee met on the 14th April 2021 to discuss the possibility of how we may return to League business in light of the Government's timetable for lifting Coronavirus restrictions (dates being subject to change depending on virus case rates).

The majority of teams had indicated an interest in resuming quizzing when things returned to normal, even though only a few were involved in the Zoom fixtures.

In order that we can begin planning, we need to know numbers - Do you still wish to continue? - Do you still have a venue? - Do you have a QM?

This will involve some work by you, as captain, as you will need (a) to contact your team's players/QMs to ensure that you have a viable squad and (b) to contact your normal venue to see if it is still available to you and, if not, to try to arrange an alternative one.

Team captains, whose venues have outdoor facilities, can approach them now, as they were allowed to begin trading outdoors from 12th April. Remaining team captains will have to wait until at least 17th May before indoor access is available at venues.

If continuation is not feasible, it would be appreciated if you could inform us as soon as possible. Even if your team cannot go on, could you please let us know if any individual players from your team want to continue.

If you are able to continue, click on this link (link removed to avoid bogus registrations) and complete and send the form back to me please.

It is intended that the AGM will be held on 5th July 2021 (Venue TBA). If you intend to put forward (a) any nominations for Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and other Committee members and/or (b) any motions for consideration at the meeting the form must be completed and returned by Monday, 14th June 2021.

If you are simply registering your team, the form must be completed and returned by 5th July 2021.

It is hoped, all being well, that we should be able to start the 2021-2022 Season in mid-September. However, given the circumstances, these are very tentative steps and the start date could be later.

Finally, in future, all teams participating in the League will be given a team email account to which all team members should have access. This is an added step to improve contact between all teams and to enable the League to meet its requirements under data protection legislation. These will be set up once teams have registered and captains will be provided with full details of how to access.

If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact me.

Ian Gibson
Administrator/Deputy Secretary
Lancaster City Quiz League