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Annual General Meeting

The 2019 AGM will be held on Monday, 10th June 2019 at Lancaster Cricket & Sports Club. The agenda can be viewed by clicking here.

Set out below are the nominations, rule changes and motions to be discussed at the meeting.

Nominations for Committee and Officials: -
Chair: Richard Hitchings
Secretary: John Pollard
Treasurer: Mal Kitchin
Committee: Cherry Canovan; Janice Crossfield; Ian Gibson; Jo Hardman; Diane Howe; Ian Nicholson; Graham Lewis; Tony Myall and Fred Parrett.

Rule Change: -

Section C - Competition Rules: 6 d) The format of the team knockout competitions shall be decided by the Committee at the start of the season.

Proposal - this rule should be amended to read, and before the commencement of the competitions should be clearly detailed on the website and/or in writing to each team. These details should include the format for any pool stages and of the draw for subsequent knockout rounds. D. Hesp (Boot & Shoe B).

Motions: -

To hold Finals Night and the presentation element of the End of Season Social on the same night. The presentation of prizes at the End of Season Social currently takes less than ten minutes and this could easily be added on to Finals Night. J. Pyper (Boot & Shoe B).

Cup Competitions - We propose that the Cup Competition be moved to the end of the season rather than have them after the Christmas break in January/February. Further that the competitions be opened to all comers to try and encourage new teams to compete. At present there is a feeling that some interested parties are put off entering a team into the league as the commitment of a full season is too great. By their nature the cup competitions are shorter and less of a commitment, however once a player has experienced the 'thrust' of competition it might encourage them to enter a team into the full league. LCQL Sub Committee.

Cup Competitions Quarter Final: At present when the quarter finals are reached spare copies of the quiz are not available for other teams to hold a 'fun quiz'. We propose that extra copies of the quiz be made available to enable this. LCQL Sub Committee.

Registration of New Teams: Teams that wish to play in the LCQL have to register before the AGM. This could preclude newly formed teams that are new to the LCQL joining as they may make a late decision to enter a team or not be conversant with the league rules.

Whilst we appreciate that the date for registration is given so that time is allowed to enable the fixtures to be arranged we propose that an exception be made for new teams. We suggest that a new rule be introduce that gives the committee a right and flexibility to make an exception to the registration rule for new teams, so they may join at a latter date.

Failing the introduction of the above we suggest with the first fixtures normally played towards the end of September a later date such as the 1st August be allowed for new teams to apply for membership. LCQL Sub Committee.

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